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Unsure how the pics will turn out for you but thought I would share my initial thoughts as a newbie to Garmin's Panoptix.  

This trip was two weeks ago during one of the cold fronts that pushed through SW MO.  These fish were all caught on a jerkbait which I was able to see on the display as I worked the bait to the boat.  You could literally watch how the fish would react to the bait.  

This particular day the bait required about a 8-10sec pause and you could see the fish approach and settle underneath the bait.  Often they would retreat but caught several fish during a two hour span with two just over 4lbs and one 6lbs.  

I am thoroughly impressed with this unit and continue to learn more each outing.  My plan is to continue to test the capabilities and work deeper structure and timber over the next several weeks while fishing the A-rig.  I will try to post a follow up with anything interesting... and hopefully a few more pics like these.






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Similar to traditional sonar, the long and continuous red return on the display is the bottom.  I was sitting in creek channel bends and the fish were hanging on the edges.  The individual red "blobs" are groups of fish.  

In the first screenshot the fish were 10' in front of boat (numbers at top of display) and suspended 7'-8' under the surface (numbers on left side of the display).  With the transducer on the trolling motor shaft you are able to see in front of you vs. under you.  Ideally, you would not want to get as close to the fish as this but wanted to get the best definition for some pics.  With the fish 20' away the "blobs" are a little smaller and not quite as defined.

Hope this helps...  It just amazes me how you can sit motionless, scan in front of you from left to right and literally see fish swimming around.  

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