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Beef tongue

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32 minutes ago, Al Agnew said:

Nope, the tongue is a muscle.  And as much as I like a good steak, I like tongue better.  It's different because it's cooked differently, but done well it's like the most tender, melt in your mouth beef you'll ever eat.

I’ll just take your word for it. 

“Anybody opens their mouth, gonna get a bullet. Anybody moves a little weird, little sudden, gonna get a bullet. Not a warning. Not a question. A bullet.”  - Major Marquis Warren


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This is a disgrace and I feel a certain kind of outrage, . . . . . thou I must look for it . . . .   A tongue shall not be consumed no more-est thou than a tongue shall be silenced.  Even if thou

Slaughtered 2 beef yesterday for a friend and since he didn't want the tongue I decided to hack it out of its face and cooked it today. Dang it was good.  Took it to a gathering and it all got ate.  i

It's pure muscle.  Last I looked, steak was muscle.  You guys remind me of a joke about the guy who asked what the special was at the lunch counter.  Special was tongue sandwich.  Guy says eww I could

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Beef Tongue Sandwiches are great also. If Beef tongue is so bad, why is it so expensive in the stores.

I am having the wife pick one up today, because now I am hungry for it. Love that stuff, Not as much as my Prime Rib but close.

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On ‎9‎/‎3‎/‎2018 at 10:03 PM, ColdWaterFshr said:

This is a disgrace and I feel a certain kind of outrage, . . . . . thou I must look for it . . . .  

A tongue shall not be consumed no more-est thou than a tongue shall be silenced.  Even if thou consideration is as livestock , , ,  reasonable gentlemen,  and even rough cut men will not partake so willingly of such organ, right?  

Like the down flake of snow,  the seasoning salt doth fall upon this tender instrument of voice??

Speaking in tongues??  No, eating in tongues!!  

Poor taste among buds, as you consume THE taste buds??!!!!  

You care not a lick, while you consume the licker, and in your arrogant glee even swallow with liquor!!

I render you as savages, the whole lot of you!!


Wow!  Now that is something, right there.

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My dad and his brothers used to make blood sausage.  Now, the last time this may have occurred was in the sixties.  I liked it and loved the smell of it frying.  About ten years ago I noticed blood and tongue sausage in the deli at Schnucks.  It was fantastic -- I did not have a red wine on hand that was worthy.

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I have no interest in making blood sausage, I might try it but the looks don't appeal to me.  Tongue, heart, liver and oxtail are all delicious.  Liver you either lie or dont, almost no middle ground.  Oxtail makes a fabulous soup, heart trimmed, sliced seasoned and grilled hot and fast is pretty dang good.  Tongue is fabulous, boiled to get the skin off then you can do whatever you want, I like to smoke it lightly and slice it thin, mustard, couple slices of a sweet onion if no good green onions are available, between thin sliced home made bread.  How in an old coffee pot perking in the background and a wood stove to feed and I could be back in my childhood.

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45 minutes ago, tjm said:

60 years ago Momma fed us tongue, ox tail and brisket because they were cheap cuts and she made them taste wonderful, recent years I've thought of doing some of those things and am astonished at the prices, if they are even displayed for sale.

No kidding, the price of some of the "junk" stuff is silly.  Maybe that is why I still like them mom made it taste good back then.  We kept everything from butcherish and ate it one way or another.  Tough cuts went into pressure cooker, roasts in an electric skillet for sunday supper, steaks floured and seared in a skillet, then way later we got a crock pot.  LOL nothing comes out of a crockpot still tough.

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