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2018 Garden Thread

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12 hours ago, jdmidwest said:

What did you get, what did you get????

Here's the list of what's going on at ness farm:

Asparagus: Jersey Supreme (2011)
Bean: Dragon Tongue, Kentucky Wonder bush
Beet: Cylindra
Lettuce: Bunte Forellenschluss, Forellenschluss, Red Salad Bowl, Slo Bolt, Webb’s Wonderful, Yugoslavian Red
Radish: Early Scarlet Globe, French Breakfast
Tomato: Brandywine, Celebrity, Cherokee Purple, Sun Gold

Black Raspberry: Jewell (2011)
Currant: Red Rovado (2015)
Gooseberry: Hinnomaki Red (2009), Tixia (2015)

Horseradish — Billethead (2016)

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4 hours ago, BilletHead said:

      That and he may shoot his eye out. 

Plant you a garden Elmer Wrench Fudd and watch out for that Wraskley Wrabbet,



The wife can't even keep hostas because of the deer, veggies don't stand a chance.  We honestly have about 40 too many deer in this immediate area, it's rediculous.  

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