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Sorry for your loss. Lost two dogs in the last five years and you do miss them. Miss my boy Buddy, 145lb Great Dane & Rottweiler we think. Dumb as a box of rocks, but a good dog. Ms Lola mixed black lab & a long hair breed passed from old age a year ago. Miss her too. Current dog is a long haired black, white' & tan Aussie, and heck on wheels. All rescue dogs. 3rd owner's of or current STL pot licker.

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16 minutes ago, Gavin said:

Dumb as a box of rocks, but a good dog.

Describes Orion to a T.  Fears nothing and has no reasoning capability whatsoever.   Everytime he takes off on his own I fear he'll do something stupid and get himself killed.   


Until it happens though, it's impossible to have a bad day when he's around.IMG_20180210_194325864_LL.jpg

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Yeah Buddy was a big dumby but a tough SOB. Ran into my open truck door while chasing a squirrel once. Made a horrible clank and bent the corner of door up an inch or so. He never flinched and could not find a mark on him. His guts twisted one night, he asked to go out like he wanted to poop but a bit odd. Let him out, he ran late, went to look and found him dead on the back porch not 15 minutes later. Current dog is a good one, just too much herding & nippy in her. Needs a flock of sheep to abuse instead of the neighbor kids and drop ins. 

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11 hours ago, MOPanfisher said:

Flysmallie I am heartbroken for your loss.  I have been through it more times than I like to think about and God willing will go through a few more.  German Shepards, Beagles, Mutts, and right now a Border Collie, you never know for sure when or where the one that captures your heart will show up.  Have had to pick up my purebred german shepard from he road after she escaped and bury her, Had one beagle I had to put down myself, last thing she did was look at me and lick my hand as if to say "thank you".  Dang that was harder to type than I thought it would be.  My wife had never had a dog before, so the current residentify is a now aging Border Collie.  When she goes I may just have my wife put down at the same time.  Enjoy them and never forget that they, like us will only walk this earth for a limited time.



I understand how difficult it is to put your dog down yourself. We had our bordet collie for 12 years. She was a rescue and never really knew how old she really was. We knew it was time as she became more incontinent, was losing weight, had hip issues and trouble getting up and down the stairs. 

I took her out the last time very early in the morning to not wake the neighbors. That was the most spry that she had been in over a month. Broke my heart.

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