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1st Blown engine

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2 hours ago, DChance said:

thanks wrench, is that for a Mercury factory remanned powerhead? 

Yeah, but that doesn't mean anything. The guys at the Merc factory don't build them any better than OBR.   There's no boring the ProXS motors.  Damaged cylinders have to be sleeved back to standard bore size. 

Well they CAN BE bored, but it's not recommend.  I have done a few and not lost any sleep over it. They are still out there running.  Knock on wood!

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15 minutes ago, terryj1024 said:

I've only ever had one Mercury and it blew up on me and I won't buy another one

I'm an Etec guy myself, but I am curious what year and model Mercury that you had pop on you? The Optimax engines are the ones that seem to have the most issues. I've not heard of much bad happening on the four storke models. My dad has ran a four stroke 50 for years and aside from a few coils that were a cheap fix, it has been a fine engine. My 2008 115 Etec had a few injectors drop that left me down a cylinder, but never stranded. My 2013 150 Etec has been great aside from it bogging a few times. It hasn't done it in a year and a half though and I've not done anything to it.

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22 minutes ago, fishinwrench said:

It's no secret that I rebuild more Merc's than any other.  They are the fastest top end outboards out there, but that extra speed does come with a price.  Just depends on what's most important to ya.

That's exactly what everybody I know running them says too. I guess that is also why they trade motors in every few years so they aren't shelling out big bucks for repairs. They would rather just have that monthly motor payment.

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23 minutes ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

I can’t believe a company as ubiquitous and old as mercury outboards to have the quality issues that they have  



It's not a quality problem, really.   They want to be the fastest, and High Performance comes at a cost.     

The best top fuel dragsters are only good for about six 1/4 mile runs between rebuilds.    They run fast, but they don't run long. 

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