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Need some help regarding Ulterra TM

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I have a new pontoon on order. should be getting it in a few weeks. I'm hoping to be able to mount an Ulterra TM. If theres any Ulterra owners out there im looking for measurements in the stowed position (shaft horizontal). From top of deck to top of the shaft. And top of deck to highest point on the drive unit. I have 12" from front most part of the deck back to the face of the gate. The gate opening is 10" above deck. Looks like a good portion of the base hanges over the edge of the deck so i think mounting it in the space will work. Also thinking about adding a quick disconnect bracket if possible (MKA-21). Think its around 1" thick. Same info for any Terrova owners out there. Greatly appreciate any help on this. Have my heart set on the Ulterra but if the gate cant be closed while in stowed position i'll have to do something else. Cant have the Grandkids jumping out of the boat !!

Thanks again


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Hey Vic,

I have a motor guide on my pontoon with a plate it snaps into, so it can be removed when not fishing. It seems to work well. I gate won't quite fit over the motor with it in the stow position. I wish it did it get heavy moving around. He mounted the bracket through the flooring. Hope that helps. 

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