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dan hufferd

Finally some big minnows

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1 hour ago, Johnsfolly said:

I very much doubt the "rookie" comment but we can and do all get schooled by fish. Good luck buddy. I want to see some new videos soon :).

Thanks. I might have to go north and let you teach me some new tricks.

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On March 3, 2018 at 7:37 PM, MCrump said:

Shad on a spoon for crappie Oldplug? What size spoon? Never targeted them that way before... sounds interesting. 

when I use shad for crappie it is mostly under light in my dock. The ring shad make greatschools around the light.  We just scoop them up real fresh and put them on a small crappie hook attached to a unweighted 6 lb test tine and let them sink by themselves they might get to 6 ft before they are inhaled. Can catch a awful lot of crappie that's way. 


 use use shad as big as I can get on spoons of 1/2 oz and up to 7 inches for white bass and hybrids. 

the real key to using shad is Fresh dead or alive. 

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