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James 03-15-18

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Backing up just a bit, I fished the dam area Wed afternoon for 3 1/2 hours and it was a big, fat nogo. I don't have a secchi disk in the boat but I eyeballed the water clarity at 2-3'. Water temps were 47-49. I threw the Ned, mostly, a swim bait, and even chucked a rig for awhile until I hung it in the top of a cedar tree and broke it off rather than beach my boat on wind-blown shoreline rocks. Good riddance.

So, Thursday I decided to just see and fish some new scenery so I headed to the James. I was quite surprised at the water color. I would guess visibility at a foot or less. Water temps were 50-52 for the day. I hit the water at the crack of 9:30 and fished until 5:30. Caught 24 total with a nice mix of Spots and LM with a few bonus keeper SM thrown in and one nice White Bass. 14 were keepers and most of those were just over 15" to 16" but late in the day, I did land two 17" and a skinny 18" LM. Fished a RkCrawler all day. I'm a DT-10 fan but I have to admit that the RkC digs much better and allows for a much slower retrieval which seems to be a good thing. 

Pictures are poor but I was concentrating on wind-blown banks and don't yet have the luxury of one of them fancy trollers that hold ya in place. I've suggested that I sell the wife's car to raise capital to invest in one but you can imagine how that went. 

My best day on the water since I got here Feb 27 and I know it was because I don't recall my back aching all day. The regular adrenaline rush of catching 'em does wonders for that. Threw in a sunset pic just because this lake has some of the best sunsets anywhere.









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Those are some nice ones and you weren't kidding on a fat white! 

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