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First Perch!

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28 minutes ago, Ham said:

Don’t encourage him. 


4 hours ago, Daryk Campbell Sr said:

What's the story with the trophy?

As you can imagine or experienced, Livie and I get a bit competitive on our fishing trips, who caught the most, the biggest, the first, etc. Usually the winner would get something small like a drink or a dessert, etc. Last year during one of my trips to Maryland (actually it was over Father's day), Livie bought a Bass Pro shops catfish magnet and painted it gold to use as our fishing trophy. On the first trip that we used the trophy as the prize, we were trying for catfish on Little Dixie lake near Columbia. It was a really windy day and the fishing was really tough. On one of our drifts I hooked up on the largest blue catfish that I have caught on a rod and reel.

Blue Catfish 30 inches (1) - Little Dixie - 25Jun17.jpg

She did end up catching her first yellow bullhead on that trip.

Yellow Bullhead (1) - Olivia - Little Dixie - 25Jun17.jpg

We haven't had another trip yet where the golden catfish has been the trophy. Maybe when I get her out on a party boat offshore this summer :).

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8 hours ago, Johnsfolly said:

I do look the city slickerB)! I only had so much room in my suitcase for nearly a three week stay and didn't bring a more suitable fishing jacket. I'm sure that the guys that saw me fishing on Sat were thinking who is this guy. Then I kept catching fish after fish while the were just wetting their lines or landing one or two :rolleyes:! I stumbled on what those fish want4ed to bite. Livie and I could have had the same kind of day on Sunday if we had more time. We only caught 19 in 30 mins. Wonder how many we could have caught in three hours.

Probably 20.  At least that's the way it goes for me.

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