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Bill Babler

Table Rock again up the White

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Got out today at 3PM. Thats right, late deal for me. Launched at Eagle Rick and fished till 6:30

Surface temp at 56+ degree and 7 to 8 ft visibility on the White Spoon test. Not the dam clear but really nice water. 


Fished from ER To Viney. 5 stops and caught them good on all 5. Not the quality as yesterday at the dam, but man oh man they just hammered the baits

When I had any wind they hit the Jerker and on the flat water they snarfed the A-Rig like they owned it

I’m like Jason Christie. When I’m fun fishing if it’s legal I’ll use it and the strikes right now on the AR are bone jarring. 

I’m going to say in 3:30 I had 15 bass, one crappie, one walleye and ten big sow white bass. Just a hoot. 

On a sad note. I lost one of my Tim Hughes baits. I’m going to say it was at the  White bass hole and either a big white or a Walter as I had the fish on for about 15 seconds and then it went limp,  the line that came in looked like you had whittled on it.  I knew I would jinx myself by saying I had not lost one

Hope this weather is not as severe as they are talking. 

Could not get the fish to load  not a big fish, just what I was catching today  

Good Luck

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I'll be walking the banks in a few weeks, looking for that Tim Hughes bait.  :D

That's some good fishing, and I'm with you hoping the weather doesn't turn out as bad as predicted.  I am ready for warm spring weather.

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