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Fishing Columbus, OH

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I will be in Columbus, OH for a week for a conference at the end of May and have decided to bring my kayak along to fish during my down time.  I am looking at floating either the Scioto, Kokosing or Olentangy rivers (but I am open to other suggestions as well).  Anyone have any experience on any of the above or any I should add to my list? I have heard  conflicting ideas on which is the best choice so I figured I would try and tap the knowledge of the dependable OAF crowd.  TIA for any advice.

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2 hours ago, Smalls21 said:

I do know 1 thing about the area!

That is home to the Best college football team!!


Oh snap, you didnt!!. I lived there for 9 years. My land literally bordered Michigan. I could put a foot on each state while standing on my own property. That rival is everlasting. But im a Sooner/Longhorn fan, so when they play each other im a winner either way.  

My first house i bought there was on the Maumee River, which runs out of Erie thru Toledo, and west. It was 50 yards in front of my house. Picture the trout opener at Bennet, and multiply that by 100.  That river walleye run was unlike anything ive seen any place else. And those walleye arent of the smaller size that we have here. 

I used to run my Stratos out to the bass islands on Erie.  As ive stated on this site in the past, dont get caught out there when it turns. But you can fish anytime as the islands let you duck away from the wind. 

 Ive always said if i move it will be back there. 

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