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Spring Time Double, Two Seven Pounders.

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Had a once in a lifetime experience yesterday, hopefully.  My daughter and step daughter both delivered babies in the same hospital with the same doctors on the same floor, 90 minutes apart.

Meet my first blood grandson, Cole and my first granddaughter, Cloe.  Had to throw that one in too, they will share the same birthday, same names almost, and the same families now for the rest of their lives.  All are doing well and healthy.


little guys.jpeg

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My daughter texted me from recovery that Cole was squirmy and hard to hold on to, I suggested lipping him.

Fun day on the Baby Floor with both of them there at the same time.  They started one the night before by inducing, the other had a scheduled C section.  I saw one off to the surgeon and left to visit the other.  We left that room for a little while and she gave birth.  I was just about to wrap my arms around that one when the other texted that we could come in and see hers.

Later that evening, the Pediatrician came in to give his report with all of us in the room with one set of parents.  He left and shortly after we headed over to the other room, walking in on him giving another report.  He stopped and looked at me, I told him to continue.  He was still puzzled and questioned why I was there.  I showed him my stickers for both rooms and explained.  He had a good laugh about his confusion.

Divorce sucks but life works out in the end.  Its been 20 years since the x wife, but I have built a bigger and better family the second time around.  And I have raised 2 fine girls that will pass it along to their kids.

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