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All, first time on the BP.  I have tried to pin down the location of 6 crossings, but none of the mileages I am looking at add up on Google maps vs the paddle guides or outfitters maps.  I have an idea close to where it might be, but cannot for  the life of me find out the exact location of 6 crossings.  I am planning on doing an Sat-Sun float from Slabtown to Ross, and would like to camp before hitting 6 crossings Sat night.  Can someone show me on the map below where it is?  Much appreciated!

BP Slab to Ross.jpg

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On the MDC map legend " 50.0 Six Crossings. Not public access."

50.0 is not marked on the map but it would be between 46.7 and 54.7 , your map shows what appears to be a small southerly rod off the K highway that should lead to your spot

Yes I see Gavin has confirmed that

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