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I bought a new ranger aluminum boat back in January the trailer has surge brakes on it. Since I've got the boat I've used it about 10 times. Recently I've noticed the trailer becoming rough to pull nothing crazy just seemed a little different so today I checked all the lugs and the air pressure that all seemed good then I jacked the trailer up and spun the wheels and I could hear a slight grinding noise I'm guessing it's the brakes. Any suggestions on how to fix this. I'm going to call the dealer in the morning. Just figured someone may have had this same issue and knew of an easy fix I'm heading to table rock on Sunday and the dealer I got the boat from is a hour from home. Thanks for any advise

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The brakes will touch a little when it is jacked up and you spin the wheel..but very little.  You can you tube how to manually work the brakes with a screwdriver to see if they work.

If, you do see excessive brake dust, I would guess it isn't the problem.

Make sure your boat is all the way up on the front of the trailer and the brace the winch on is tight.  Also, have the tires balanced! Anyone who tells you this doesn't matter hasn't ever pulled a light trailer much. This is especially true on single axle trailers with lighter boats.  

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5 minutes ago, PAT92B said:

Can I have the tires balanced at a tire shop like you would a car

I would find a local yocal tire shop that does tractor tires and cattle & horse trailers. That is who I use to repack bearings and such for a boat trailer. 

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