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Nick Williams

Slonch Donkey Streamer

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This year I started the journey into doing some tying videos, Brian Wise-esque type tying videos, so that I could show some patterns that I have had guys asking about for years! Please know these aren't teaching videos designed to teach you any specific technique, they're just to *quickly* show the steps of a specific pattern. 

I started the year with a couple simple patterns that weren't my own originals, the Double Deceiver and some variations of a Single Deceiver, but this week I uploaded the first of several original patterns that will be coming out soon. Go check it out:



The Slonch Donkey is an original pattern of mine with influences from several tiers such as Kelly Galloup and Mike Schmidt; it's a single articulated streamer coming in around 6"-6.5". I originally designed it for Brown Trout on the White River in AR, but have since used it more for Striped Bass in our local (OK) striper season. It has a very serpentine swimming motion with a slight drop from the head on the pause while the marabou and bucktail both work to keep moving and undulating all while keep the correct shape. Give one a try and see what happens! You can contact me to order as well.

Material list:

Back Hook: 
1/0 Gamakatsu B10S
Veevus GSP 100D - White
1/69" Lateral Scale
White Schlappen Feathers
White Bucktail
Silver UV Polar Chenille
White Bucktail
UV Pearl Ripple Ice Fiber
Gray Marabou

19 Strand Beadalon
4 6/0 Czech Glass Beads

Front Hook:
2/0 Gamakatsu B10S

Double Pupil Lead Dumbbell Eyes, Medium, Yellow
UV Pearl Ripple Ice Fiber
White Marabou
Silver UV Polar Chenille
White Bucktail
Gray Marabou
UV Pearl Ripple Ice Fiber
Gray Premo Deer Hair

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