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More Maryland catches

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On ‎4‎/‎18‎/‎2018 at 7:10 PM, Johnsfolly said:

I have suggested, prodded, (other OAF members have prodded as well0, but Livie would not write this post herself. Because I anted to showcase another life list species for her, here is the last post from when she and my betterhalf were in Maryland visiting me back in March/early April. We did get a break with a little better weather and the right tide, that allowed us to try for some schoolie stripers. With the long cold weather this was a crap shoot at best. I have had success fishing blade baits, like Johnson Thinfishers, etc., in this location in the past. I put on small black/chrome Thinfisher on Livie's rod and a silver XPS Lazer blade on my line. The wind made it difficult for Livie to get her bait out far enough to reach the edge of the channel where the fish were likely to be located. I made a few casts and no bites. I made a cast across the channel near the bridge and got a solid bite. I was able to land a 13 to 14" striper, my first of the year.

Dad Striper (1) - Oak Creek 29Mar18.jpg

I handed the rod to Livie. She was having trouble getting near the spot where I got bit. So I made the cast, she reeled and jigged the bait and got bit. She was shocked at the fight at first and then made up ground on the fish. She landed a nice 15" striper, which was a new life list fish for her :D! I could not have been happier. Not only did she catch the bass, but got a small bonus anemone :rolleyes:.

Livie Striper (1) - Oak Creek 29Mar18.jpg

Anenome - Oak Creek 29Mar18.jpg

We fished for another 15 to 20 minutes until it started getting dark. Did not get another bite.


Was thinking about MOCarp on our next trip that was planned for Easter Sunday. I crumbled cheerios and raisin bran then mixed that with water and some cut worms. I put that in a bag and we drove down to a spot that I had seen carp and maybe some suckers last year. We pulled up to the access and I tossed out the chum mixture. We went and saw a movie to let the fish get into that area before we fished it. After the movie I set up the rods with a slip sinker fish finder rig. We loaded the hooks with worms. I got the first bite, but missed the hook set. Livie got a strong bite and hooked into the first fish of the day. Unlike last year when dad did not land her fish, I got the fish netted and Livie got a picture of her and a carp.

Livie Carp (1) - Little Blackwater River - 01Apr18.JPGLivie Carp - Little Blackwater River - 01Apr18.JPG

As you could tell we were well hidden :rolleyes:! I missed a couple more fish. Livie blamed those lost strike on the OAFers that were texting me at the time (you both know who you are). She alos hooked into a larger carp that pulled the hook near the bank. She did catch a couple of white perch and I ended up with a goose egg on the day.

Livie White perch - Little Blackwater River - 01Apr18.JPG

As I state many times on this forum, I never have a problem with my daughters, son, or my betterhalf catching more or bigger fish (except when we are fighting for the catfish trophy), because if they have a good time I get to fish more ^_^! Can't wait to get her back out to get back on the stripers when they are really thick.

The day I met you was a good day indeed.  I do so love to fish with those who love it like you surely do.

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47 minutes ago, Terrierman said:

The day I met you was a good day indeed.  I do so love to fish with those who love it like you surely do.

I appreciate that buddy. I will never forget that first day on the White. You had me looking up spots to meet you guys and I lost my signal never tbought that I would find you guys. But I did and I had a great time every time we fished together. I hope to make it out to Jigfest 2018.

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