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On Saturday I was one of four guides taking folks from the Ozark Fly Fishers out on the North Fork of the White.  Brian Wise was the lead guide and I thank him for including my boat on this trip.  Brian has some of the best streamer tying videos on the internet, look him up at Fly Fishing the Ozarks. Anyway, I was assigned Bill and Jerry for the day and they were great guys. The river was up, but not quite an ideal level.  The shoals were ripping with some pretty big waves.  We concentrated on finding seams of current off the main channel, particularly towards the end where it deepend a little, just so we could get down to the fish.  We didn't catch a ton of fish, but we certainly found some.  The rainbows we caught were fat, pretty, hard fighting and wild.  The North Fork can be challenging sometimes, but I love it and everyone should give it a try sometime.  We also got a couple of brown trout and the bonus of the day was 3 smallmouth.  On Sunday, Mel and Glenn, from the same group, joined me for a half day on the 11 Point.  We met in the morning and got off the river right as about an inch of rain started to fall on the river. That said, fishing was red hot for the 4 hours we fished. It was nice to be home.

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