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Phil Lilley

April 21st walleye

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I turkey hunted until 1 then hit the lake. It was the best day of walleye fishing ive ever had on stockton. Caught 20-25 in 3 hours. All looked like spawned out females,  of the 4 i kept they were all females. I didnt catch a walleye under 17in with the biggest around 7 or 8 lbs 25"+ getting off right as i tried to net her. I knew she was about to get off so i dove over the bow to try and scoop her out,  in the process gouging out a chunk of skin from a tie off cleat. All were caught 15-18 fow on yum worms with a silver spinner rig. One of the bigger eyes had about a 7" shad down her throat.



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