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I broke the off-on switch on my Motorguide X-5 today, and thought our annual trip to Table Rock was over.  Thank goodness for this forum!  I searched for marine service centers, and read Bill Babler’s post recommending Ulrich Marine.  Called them, they had the part in stock, and they had it installed within 30 minutes after we dropped it off this afternoon.  Kudos to Bill for the recommendation, and most of all, to Kyle, Scott and the entire staff at Ulrich, who were so kind and helpful!  If anyone on the lake has a boat/motor issue, I highly recommend them.

Now, if we can just figure out the fish in the dam, Long Creek area.  We’re staying at Happy Hollow, on Persimmon Hollow, and are struggling.  Last year was one of our best ever, but with the slime and the colder water, we’re still plugging away without a lot of success.  We have three more days, so suggestions are welcome.  This forum is the best!

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Thanks for the suggestions.  We enjoyed our trip as always, despite the rain and the snot grass.  We caught plenty of fish, although a notch down from last year.  We always look forward to chasing the brown bass, and caught quite a few this year, up to 19”.  We had to adjust, however, to escape the snot grass, and spent most of our time up Long Creek, South of the 86 bridge.  Our crew caught some on spinnerbaits, but most on Speedcraws, Sweet Beavers (C-rig and TX rig), and 1/8-3/8 oz. jigs tipped with small tubes or Speedcraws.

The numbers were really good up Long Creek, but we missed catching more smallmouth.  We caught some really nice largemouth and spots however, and despite seeing some on nests, most were extremely fat, still laden with eggs.  Should be great around this full moon!  Best of luck to all of you the rest of the year!  We’ll continue to follow along on this excellent forum, and look forward to next April!!!

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