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Big M area 4/30

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Launched early, and headed down the lake to a cove that had held some fish last week.  Started off throwing a Redfin, had one missed fish on it, no other takers.  Decided to throw the c-rigged lizard, worked it for a while, picked up a couple of small bass and had one drag puller that was on for about 2 seconds before getting off.  Noted the presence of many beds with bass around them, they weren't interested in the lizard, top water, or Keitechs.

After a couple of hours of very few bites, I decided I was going to have to go full Ned on them - didn't want to do it, but they gave me no choice.  I had read rps's report that he had gotten some on the Ned, fishing cuts and pockets.

So I did exactly that, looked for small cuts and pockets in the bank, and usually could get a bass or two out of each one.  Small fish, maybe had 2 or 3  keeper sized, but if they were keepers they would have been close to the mark.  Still fun to catch on the spinning rod.  Mix of species, spots, largemouth, smalls, and a mean mouth or two, caught 20 or so.

Wind started howling, I was done about 1:30 PM.

Saw WT's as high as 63.

Big M courtesy dock was messed up when I got back, looks like the wind had pushed it off the bank and slewed it around a bit, had to wade through knee deep water to get to my truck.  Fortunately air and water temps were warm.



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Quill, thanks for the information. Nice color on that bass. Wading! Ugh! Hate it. 


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