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A buddy and I decided to fish our very first tournament at Mark Twain lake the first week of June. We have never successfully fished on bigger lakes, it has always been on smaller rivers or farm ponds. Any tips on what baits the bass should be hitting on around this time? I am partial to the jerk baits and shaky head rigs, but am looking for anything that will help us catch our limit!

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There isn't a lot of activity on the Mark Twain forum, and to be honest I didn't make it to Twain at all last year. I have had success there in the past in the summer months fishing main lake points with Crigs and crankbaits. If it was me I'd start near the dam on main lake points, and look for schools of bait, brushpiles, or ledge drop offs in say 15-20' of water. If the main lake points didn't produce anything, I'd go on in to secondary points and try the same sort of thing. If nothing there, I'd find the flattest spawning cove I could, move as shallow as I could, and see if there were still fish up shallow. 

good luck, and post a report over on the Twain forum, good or bad. That place needs a little more life!

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