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So, my wife and I like to camp down on Table Rock at Mill Creek or Old 86 but we have never fished it except for jug fishing.  This past weekend we were down there and decided to crappie fish a little.  Like a blind hog finds and acorn, I found three crappie.  One of these is the biggest I ever caught.  Don't know how I did it but it has peeked my interest in Table Rock.  Just gotta do a little research but just one question, is this the norm at Table Rock or did I just get lucky and find these slabs?



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I caught this one last week on a plastic worm, but when I got it to the boat it came off the hook and landed flat on it's side next to the boat.  My wife reached over and grabbed it before it recovered and put it in the boat!!!

We've been having a discussion ever since on who really caught that fish!!!!!  As you can see I'm losing the discussion!  LOL


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