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New Berkley MaxScent

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Just curious if any of you guys have tried the new Berkley MaxScent  baits out yet. My main question is are they like the Trigger X baits that were made by the Rapala company that dry out if they are not either kept moist during the day or put back in the bag after use.



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6 hours ago, fishinwrench said:

Berkley Powerbait scent has stood the test of time.  Whether it really truly works (as advertised) or not is almost a non-issue at this point.

that was my first thought, but with some other the other products that have been on the market like the Max Scent series they have a horrible issue with drying out and becoming trash. just didn't want to spend $5.99 a pack on something wasn't that great of a product when the original Powerbait series of baits is just fine and like you said stood the test of time.

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