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5/19 Eagle Rock report

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The pic pretty much sums it up. Lots of jerkbait and topwater fish to be had but I get distracted by bedding fish. 


75-78° water

Mouth to half way back of actual coves was best. A spook and 110 knockoff jerkbait did most of the work. The more souther I went the more worser it got. We left Saturday because of the weather coming in Sunday but if I could have fished Sunday I would have started at Roaring River and worked toward Shell Knob. I would have ignored ALL bedding fish under 3lbs too. It becomes a challenge then a vendetta then a test of pride against a pea brain fish and then embarrassment thinking about the time I wasted just to prove a point to nobody but the fish and I. 


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Lol well I’m not sure why that stuck out as a good illustration but if someone is a sucker for sight fishing they know the struggle is real. 


That said, every year I’m realizing more what a great tool jerkbaits are. I’m stubborn so it took a while. This time of year is my favorite because you don’t have to imagine how fish react since you can see it. Watching fish shoot like torpedos out of bushes to hit the spook or 110 was awesome. Or watching them chase it down. A couple years ago (I reported then too) I was catching better quality fish that would leave a bed 20’+ to smash a jerkbait that was ripping by. This year the quality wasn’t there for me but fun is fun. I also see how important long casts are due to the drawing power of these baits. Countless fish followed it to within feet of the boat and once the baits action stopped they turned, of course. 


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