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5-26 Evening trolling

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Stockton is really producing nice fish.  Had 2 over 19 inches and 1-24 inch walleye.  Banana bait in fire-tiger trolled 2.4 mph, 8-14 fow.  Picked up a few crappie, small mouth on top water.  Thanks for the tip on fire tiger.  Lots of beds.  Bass were biting on anything you cast.  Frogs to caroline rig.  






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Haven't been catching much bass, but I don't generally run cranks that shallow.

Trolling flicker shad in slick mouse and firetiger, 8 out of 10 were on the slick mouse with lead core 18 feet down in 25-40 fow. The big slabs love it, and I'll pick up a walleye now and then.

Purple tiger was doing good too until I lost it in a brush pile, need to replace that one, it's always been a productive color.

First pic from Thursday night. Quit early as I had enough for dinner in 2 hours. Second pic was from last week.

Also caught a 4lb carp on a crappie jig, gave my 10ft rod a workout.

Haven't had much luck dropping jigs, the crappie seem awfully scattered right now.



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Well done and a nice fat walleye for a bonus!

9 days ago I was trolling #7 Flicker Shads in Uncle Rico and Pink cougar in about 28-32' and had the same luck as you (Mr Giggles). Fire tiger

has been a long time favorite color of mine but they didn't want that or a solid purple. The Uncle was as close to a purple bait as they would

take. I was trolling with braid, 1.5 mph, about 12-14' deep in clear water with a temp of 76-78 south of twin bridges. I had several shorts but the

majority were decent sized females, all with eggs when we cleaned them. Evidently, they are moving deeper which I guess isn't surprising.

Thanks for the report Mr G ...especially the heads up on getting back to fire tiger.


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