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5 Fingers Area Fishing Report

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Thought I would share my fishing experiences for the last two weeks with others so I may be of use to them. I mostly fished from Sugarloaf to down past 5 fingers areas. The better fish I found(mostly spots and a few largemouth) were staged on major points in 10-15ft of water. Deep in the underwater bushes. Be prepared to lose a few and get hung up regularly! I caught many spots in the 2-3 lb range. Using 18llb flourocarbon and 10.5" worms. It seemed the bigger the worm, the better the fish. Not all major points held fish only the most extreme ones. Had a blast and caught tons of fish!  Also, can anyone tell me what type of bass the 2nd picture is?

Bull Shoals May 2018 1 (2).png

Bull Shoals May 2018 2 (2).png

Bull Shoals May 2018 (2).png

Bull Shoals May 2018 3 (3).png

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