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Blunts to Bass Resort 6-2-18

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Since we dropped our daughter off at the grandparents this week my wife wanted to give kayaking on stream a shot for the first time.  Mind you she’s 6 months pregnant and wanted to fish on the float too.  So I chose an easier float for us to do and picked Bass River Resort to shuttle us up to Blunts slab and do the 6 miles back to the resort on the Courtois. This was my first time on the Courtois. Nice lite stream. Caught nice 16” smallie on top water right away and had several other aggressive followers but then the top water pretty much shut off for a while so I switched to a tube and a Ned and ended up with a goggle eye and 9 more smaller including the 15”er that hit top water in the picture below.  My wife could only muster one small 10” fish but she had a good time between learning to properly ferry through the faster water and doging the down trees in the water.  A huge storm did roll in about 2 miles in and we got soaked to the bone.  Lots of lightning and some of the meanest looking storm clouds I’ve seen in a long time as it rolled in.  




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The scariest part of it was just after I took that picture I said we need to get off the stream and find some shelter somewhere a bolt of lighting struck.  And it wasn't one of those white bolts of lightning, it was one of those that was so close that it was orangish colored and had a slap of thunder almost immediately after the lightning.  Luckily there was a small bluff nearby and he hunkered down next to that. Didn't keep us dry but at least there was stuff way above us the lightning could hit instead of us.

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