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Phil Lilley

Blue Gills

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Bluegills spawn up to several times per year so it's possible they have already spawned. Those are really nice  gills. Used to go to California for gills like that and bluegill tacos.

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Nice and I think it is somewhat early for the traditional BG spawn.  There was a thread a couple of weeks back with folks saying they saw them nesting, but I think its usually closer to the last of June before they really start the boy/girl thing.

As long as I remember Beck, he guided a guy that came every year the last week of June and they just slayed them.  Billy guided him in the Wolf Pen area on the deeper timbered points and I can remember a lot of days they had a basket full of the really big ones.  Bill thought they were spawning around the deep trees or were just post spawn fatting up. 

He never cleaned them but he would do his best to show you where they lived and if you wanted to keep them you had better have your own knife sharp.

I'm going to try some of those deep timbered points up the White after seeing this to see where they are.  As always up there 18 to 25 ft. seem to be a magic number for the biggins.

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