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Smallmouth on a Fly Rod

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I decided to post some smallmouth pictures of fish caught during a three day trip wading trip to New York State last month in hopes that this audience will be more appreciative than the guys at work.  When we talk about our vacations and I talk about fishing, I receive comments like, “I hate fishing--it is so boring”.  And, this comment is from a guy who goes to Florida with his family for a week and as far as I can tell, mainly just sets on the beach or swimming pool.  Oh well, I suppose if everyone was as passionate about fishing as most of us on this board, then our fishing waters would be way too congested.


My wife is from the Buffalo area and I’ve come to appreciate the fly fishing in the area through the years while visiting her family.  I usually do a Spring and/or Fall Steelhead trip, however some Springs I get up there too late for Steelhead and so, like this year, we mainly fished for smallmouth bass.












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23 minutes ago, ozarkflyfisher said:

However, I have to say that I pity them for being completely ignorant of the pleasures of the sporting life.

I use to pity those types of people but I'm sure they have something that drives them. That's all anybody really needs. Something that you enjoy and drives you to excel in. Some find that in a career, some in music, some in gaming, others in the outdoors. Whatever blows your skirt up. 

But when I'm at the beach in a few weeks you'll find me every morning on the beach at 5am with a flyrod in hand. My pool time will be spent napping. 

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Nice fish... all the way from New York too... Cool.

I dig your chosen screen name on here by the way... it happens to be my email address.

Welcome and Cheers to ya' - Brian

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Thanks for the kind words everyone.


Marty, I miss you and Pat and all of the other volunteers for Casting for Recover and Reeling and Healing in Missouri.  We worked with a great group of folks.  Those were very worthwhile programs and it’s a shame we weren’t able to keep them going.


Best regards,


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