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First time boating on the Meramac

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This passed year I got my first bass boat, since it is not a jet I know I will be limited to certain stretches of river. I launched it in the meramac for the first time last week at GW Park and fished upstream from there. I would like to find more stretches like this that have good fishing and are safe to run my boat, I’m sure those are far and few between. I grew up fishing the meramac from the bank and can’t wait to explore more of it from my boat, so I would appreciate any tips on where to or where not to launch. Thanks!

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Not very far up you can go using the motor at summer levels.  I wouldn't think you could go above the Kirkwood ramp very far without knocking your lower unit off.  It gets really shallow around where the Grand Glaize creek comes in at Simpson park and then again just up from the Valley Park ramp.

-- Jim

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Would think with the river level right now you should be fine running anywhere downstream from Fenton to the Mississippi. From 21 down is certainly good, as suggested by patfish Flamm City would be a great place to drop in.  

It's been many years since I've had a craft but between Eureka and Fenton was always questionable in my experience, the channel shifts side to side and you get the occasional log or sand bar crossing within a few feet of the surface. 

Scope out Google maps, it shows when the river levels were down and you can see for yourself the contours of the river at that time. Although it changes it gives you a good idea of the rivers topography and where the deeper channel should be. 


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