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New Invasive Species on the Upper End

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58 minutes ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

"Little" being the key word in that statement:D

The amount of class added is directly proportionate to the number of and the size of the inflatables.

In this case, more is better!

Lots, lots more!

You're gonna love it........

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15 hours ago, rangerman said:

What the heck is it with those things!! I seen 4 of them on the lake yesterday! lol.

Blame it on Sams Club. Only $99 in store (limit 1). Expect to see them pop up elsewhere too... (from a user review);

Exceeding expectations!

Huge blast with this out on he lake! It recommends only up to 6 people on this float but we’ve been pushing it to the limits! Easily fit 10 of us comfortably on the float. Within the next couple weeks, we are going to attempt to take it down the river as a raft. Obviously it is not designed for this but we’re having a blast with it and I’d say I have already gotten my money’s worth! I will comment more after we finally take it on the river. I bought he Unicorn design btw. Only complaint I could think of is how difficult it is to blow up the feathers in the wings. Small openings between each individual color which air has to pass through to blow all of them up but other than it being more time consuming to blow those up, the float is absolutely amazing!

According to other reviews, the cupholders are less than optimal... 😢

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