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6/30-7/6 Bass, Walleye, White Bass, Catfish

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Came down for our annual week at Table Rock for the Fourth of July. Same as usual hot and lots of boats. However fishing was pretty consistent, fished on main lake gravel points 20 to 40 ft. We fished two ways. I would troll 6xds up and down these points till I marked fish or caught one then would drop a waypoint and drop shot. Most days caught 40/60 fish from 6 till noon. One thing I noticed this year was the abundance of big Walleye. 20" to 27". Had best luck drop shotting w night crawlers but also did well on plum chompers 4" worm and white shad fluke. Caughts lots of whites trolling as well as some big catfish on the drop shot w worm. Line size does make a difference I would recommend 8lb flouro carbon. Fish from Cow Creek to point 12 up the James. Had 10 to 15 keeper bass most days. Also lots of fish around the bridge pilings.








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