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Longear Sunfish #2

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1 hour ago, JestersHK said:

My sis owns a party bus... Just sayin if you guys need a donkey mule to haul all your gear around... <stares at Marty>  :P


         I knew you would cave and be my mule! HA! 

1 hour ago, Johnsfolly said:

A friend of mine "collects" race tracks that he has been to and seen races. He and I were talking about how we can get together and him having another new track. I mentioned the Barber Motorsports complex in Alabama. That track is one of my favorites and the racing is usually very good. Also the Cahaba river runs within a couple of miles from the track. That would be the home of the Cahaba redeye bass ;)! Two birds one stone my friends.

          Not like that race you were just at but Nascar Right? :) ,


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23 minutes ago, BilletHead said:

          Same weekend you went,

  Those demolition derby cars were faster and more exciting events. Formula one Pffft,  


I would hate to tell you that you're wrong but I don't hate it😁. NASCAR avg speed 130.453 mph at Daytona versus Indycar (not F1 buddy there was actual passing) 149.737 mph at Iowa. Far more driver skill needed to race at faster speeds when you can't just push your way to the front.

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