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July 3rd - 5th Indian Creek and Big Clifty

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Few days late on the report.  Had a great time fishing the early mornings Tuesday through Thursday.  Got out at around 5 each morning and then had the boys back in time for breakfast around 830 every day.  The fishing surprised me and was a little better than I had expected.  Had between 20-25 each day.  Only one or two each day that would have hit the 15" mark but we weren't too concerned about that, just wanted to set the hook.  Could not get bit hardly on top water at all for some reason.  Ned did 90% of the damage for us.

Tuesday the 3rd we fished main channel points in Indian Creek.  Had 1 plopper fish and then 25 or so on Ned and Shakey Heads with speed craw.  All of our fish were on chunk rock of bluffy banks in 15-20 ft of water.

Wednesday and Thursday (4th & 5th) we fished Big Clifty.  Fished the same bluff end both days and had 25 plus each day.  These fish were a little deeper 25-30 ft.  Again, most of the damage with Ned with a few on a shakey head.  Each day managed to catch a couple of mean mouth as well.  Most of these fish were spitting up shad as we got them to the boat.  I tried several different grubs, Keitech's, and other small swimbaits and they would not touch them.  Had a few nip at the tail.  They wanted the Ned.

Was a great few days.  Caught some fish, saw some fireworks, and had a great time with the fam.  I was a very gracious guide, each day I only boated 1-2 fish while everyone else had a hayday... lol



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