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Double drop shot rig?

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My neighbor is a top notch crappie fisherman bar none. In the fall he uses a long pole with 2-3 hooks on it. 


As far as getting twist on a drop shot I make up a dozen or so at a time. I put a swivel above the hook and just tie the line to the swivel. Works fine  with my heavy stuff

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Its not a rig everyone will learn to love that is for sure. It can tangle up in the fish brush and about anything handy. It can be very frustrating but then again it is a winner. I often use it more like a a Carolina rig than a drop shot. I do not carry a dozed rigs for nothing but I have learned not to drop them into brush piles. I can find plenty of bass in other places.I reserve brush piles for my large 10' plus worms..I carry both side by side this time of year.   

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