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Fishing report 7-10

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Floated Elk for first time yesterday.  Did the 8 mile float down to Sandy Beach.  Friend and I caught 45 smallies, 2 lm, and 2 goggle eye over 8 hours of fishing.  Thinking next time we do the 5 mile float.  Lots of dinks with half a dozen14-16" fish.  Everything on soft plastics.  

I quit picking up beer cans out of river after first mile.  Ran out of room on the yak.  Sad.

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Buzz and I really like the float from Pineville to the low water bridge.  We always skip it from there to Shady Beach.  Once you pass under that bridge the people count goes way up and that 1-2 mile stretch gets slow water and normally we encounter lots of wind that blows upstream.  That and we never have really caught anything on that stretch.  Probably because we get there in the afternoon by then and the fishing slows down as well. I hear ya on the beer can problem, always has been a problem.  That and those dang jello shot cups!

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