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Looks like someone has listened to Teds video before  




Scrapie infected sheep kept in the same pen with deer that were later released to wild again with CWD? Guess by strictest definition not man made but it did not happen in nature.

I really think it is antlers more than venison with the money people.

Rules and laws about interstate movement has never deterred the transport of exotic animals why would it stop captive deer being smuggled around?  We are always going to have the CWD or the threat of it, until research develops a remedy. I heard a tale of three herds of goats getting sick and the remnants of all three herds being shipped to meat markets on yonder coasts. The symptoms were of scrapie and I saw deer in that immediate vicinity with like symptoms, no reports made of the goats and I had no samples of the deer, so that area remains "clean". 

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I read an article in local paper this week about an Elk Farm.  Owner claims that Elk in MO are CWD Free.  Seems like they may be managing it better than Deer Farmers.  Or it may just be the fact that there are many more deer farms than elk.  I see many more deer than quail any more.  The population seems to be thriving despite the disease.

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Tho I’m a believer in what the conservation dept. does as a whole, I’m also of the mindset that they are out to protect the money that is dumped into the state by hunters, and will say/do whatever it takes to protect that, even at the cost of dooping people into believing their agenda. The price the Missouri deer herd is paying, at the hands of the MDC,  slaughtering thousands, just to hopefully get a few that are CWD prone, is saddening. 

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