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Good Morning on the Upper End

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Unless this morning was an anomaly, and this year it very well could be, one of my favorite times of the year has arrived.

Today I found the walleye suspended in the channel just off flat drop offs and along tree lines near channel swings. The water depth where I caught the fish ranged from 29 to 40 feet. The baits I trolled (Flicker Minnow and Reef Runner Deep Little Ripper, both in silver with black back) ran at 23 to 25 feet.

In addition to the walleye I caught around 10 bass, but none were impressive.

Overcast, nearly windless, and water temp of 85.




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RM, I had been trying the pattern since you posted your report a couple of weeks ago. I finally was able to put it together up here.

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Sorry been off the forum for a bit. I have seen you recent success. Awesome my friend! I was down over this past weekend and done well. Just moved deeper.ย 

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