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Dam area - July 26

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Launched at daylight, fished until 1130 today.  It was a cloudy morning so I hung in there a little longer than usual, but the best action was early, after 9 AM it got slow.  

Found some top water fish off a steep, deep bank first thing in the morning.  Mix of small spots and largemouth.  Caught them on a small popper, ultra light spinning rod and 6 lb. test.  Makes catching a 13" spotted bass a lot of fun.  Top water bite lasted about 30 minutes, then shut down for the most part, but several times throughout the morning I would see a few come up and chase shad.  They are eating really small shad, the shad look to be about 3/4 of an inch long.

Last time out I saw bass suspended over deep water on the sonar.  They would hit a drop shot, but it was hard to get it in front of them.  I wanted to try something else, so decided to bring some spy baits with me.  Never have had much luck with spy baits, but clear water, small shad and suspended fish made me think it might work.  First cast with one I caught a 17" largemouth, which would be the biggest fish of the day.  Caught a few more smaller fish on the spy bait, but never could get another good one on it.  Had at least a half dozen bass grab it and get off, those small trebles, though sharp, just don't do a good job of keeping fish pinned.

Caught a couple of smallies on the Ned rig in 15 FOW, got a couple more on a c-rig with the UV Speed Craw.


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