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Cape Fair 7/29

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Yep, I got out today for about 2.5 hours. I havent been since last report. Clouds started to get thicker and thunder started rumbling and I didn' want to get hit by lightning so I called it a day at 8:30. 

Fishing was fun - like it always is even if I ain't catching them. But today I had a little luck. I had a bunch of shorts and 2 keepers at 15.5". I caught my first spoon fish, pic below, Crappie. Of all fish. I had a heck of a fight a coupe times and guess what I caught, see below. 2 catfish. What a fun fight on both. I snagged the first one in the back and the other ate my Rock Crawler.  The Rock Crawler was the lure of choice today. And I had the best luck on rock points.






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2 minutes ago, merc1997 said:

wonder what was going on the the tail on the bass?


Ya, not sure. I am guessing it was something to do with a live well. He had another wound on the other side of his mouth. I could tell he was recently caught.

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