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How much water do I need at Bell Chute?

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Missed this thread somehow...if you have the guts to do it, if you get a hole and water is coming in quickly, take off going on plane and try taking out the drain plug, assuming you can get to it.  The water will drain out the drain plug hole at least as fast as it's coming in the hole you put in the boat.  I did that when I put a hole in mine, and although there was a flap of aluminum that was guiding water into the boat even faster than it was coming in sitting still, the drain plug hole almost kept up with the incoming water.  I learned that long ago, when my dad had a boat that leaked slowly.  By mid-day there would be a couple inches of water in the bottom, so he'd just take off and take out the plug, and all the water would drain out in just a few minutes of running.  I'm not sure it works quite that well with a really fast jet outboard because I think you have to have the drain plug hole covered with water so that the water forms a suction as you're moving quickly forward, and maybe a jet hull won't be far enough into the water to suck it out as efficiently.  But it would be worth a try.

Of course, if you are stopping you put the plug back in before you stop!

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