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Indian Creek, August 3

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Got the boat launched just as it was getting light,  made the decision to go back into Indian creek and fish the trees.  Fishing was tough, but got some bites, mostly on the Nutech 1/2 oz jig.  Caught a couple on top water also.  3 keeper sized bass, and 4 or 5 shorts.  Dragged the jig in 10-20 FOW and every once in a while I'd get a bite, no pattern except they were around trees, and there's a lot of trees back in Indian.  Left at 1030, bite went from slow to slower and the wake boats were making their appearance.  Sons of guns were out early today, had the first one wake me out around 8 AM.   

Couple of fish stories:

Hooked a small, 10 inch or so spotted bass on the little popper.  Got it close to the boat and could see a couple of bass with him, trying to steal that popper, both of the fish chasing were keeper sized.  Stopped reeling and let the little guy swim around hoping one of the bigger fish would get hooked.  The little dude jumped, threw the popper, and as soon as that popper hit the water, a keeper sized largemouth grabbed that bait and I got him in the boat.

Later in the morning, dragging the jig, I hooked a fish.  Got it halfway to the boat and it got hung up on a tree.  Messed around with it, I could pull it in some, but then it would just hang up dead stuck.  Could still feel the fish on so I kept trying.  Gave it a few feet of slack a couple of times, it would swim off a ways, but would not come unstuck.  Finally got over the tree, gave it a lot of slack, fish swam off again, once again I took up the slack and started dragging it in, but it got hung up right at the top of the tree, I could see it, but could not quite reach the fish.  Let it swim off one more time and it finally got off that tree. Got it in the boat, turned out to be an 18" smallmouth.  

Surface temp 82.



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