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Got a nice one today.

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I put in at the 107 bridge today at 6am ran almost to the dam. My plan for the day was to learn the lake and learn to use my electronics. The first stop was a ledge near a channel swing that I found brush on last week I didn't catch anything there last week but didn't hardly catch anything at all last week. I started throwing a spook with no bites next I picked up a deep diving crankbait it took a few cast to find the brush finally found it and slowly crawled it threw the brush then got snagged I popped it free then got bit. I thought it was a catfish or drum the way it fought finally landed it weighed it and released it was 7.31lbs the best I've caught on Mark Twain this was the only fish on a crankbait. I caught several 1.5-2lbers on a Carolina rig and 10" worm. It got rough with all the recreational boats so fishing the main lake was tough. I went west to stoutsville to get away from the ski boats there I found a bunch of crappie fishermen the Crappiemasters were doing a tournament out of Stoutesville. image.png I caught a couple nice fish on a big white spinnerbait. I would of had maybe 4 or 5 keepers fishing was tough but that first fish made it worth it.  The Minn Kota Ultrex has made fishing deep structure so much easier it's a game changer on windy lakes 



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