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Headed to MO/Current River

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Headed back to MO right now for a long weekend...planning to fish the upper Current at Baptist and/or Parker most of the day tomorrow. 

I'm intimately familiar with that stretch of river, but just curious about current (no pun intended) conditions. It's been ridiculously wet and cool where I've been this summer in Appalachia, but I understand it's a teensy bit different in the Ozarks.

Just want to make sure I'm not gonna be fishing over a ridiculously low river/stressed fish, basically. I can pretty much handle it from there.

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I fished the park last weekend and everyone was catching fish. Some more than others. Some friends fished below the park and did poorly two weeks earlier. I had the same result the week after both below the park and at Baptist camp. Two fish for that day. Rubberleg stonefly, San Juan Worm, Egg Flies, PnP Midges, Pheasanttail Nymphs and Partridge and Orange soft hackle accounted for some of the fish 


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Pretty good morning on the water. Nothing of much size, but plenty of action all through. Best right around dawn, unsurprisingly. #16 bh hares ear the star performer.

Hit both Baptist and Parker. A bit better at the former,  I suppose, but not a real noticeable difference.

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