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Intermiadate angler looking for some help

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Yankee, the jig color didn't matter much. I change colors a couple times after I broke off in a brush piles.  I usually stick with some green pumpkin with different colors mixed in.  Our best docks had 15-20 foot of water on the front side, 8-10 on the back corners.  The smaller fish are hanging out in front of the docks chasing the shad.  All our bigger fish were on the back corners or along the side.  We were targeting the first few little pockets in the coves.  There were a lot of tournament guys on Saturday a lot of them were running to the back of the coves but were had our best luck from the mouth to about half way back.  We caught 50 fish Saturday with a 6.4 and 5.7 were out two biggest ones.  Sunday was much slower.  We caught probably 20 but had 2 in the 3-4 pound range and a bunch of 12-14 inchers.  The boat traffic has died down enough that you can enjoy fishing up there.  My stepson is ready to go back already.  I am hoping we can make in back up after the Bash. 

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