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Night Time Fly Fishing Trip Report - 10/1

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5 hours ago, Phil Lilley said:

Just for fun, sit and watch the "fishing" in outlet #2 for a while.  Note the ratio of legal hookups verses foul hooked hookups.  Fouls will win.  But what I noticed is that these were "normal" drift-stop-set hookups and not throw-and-jerk (for the most part).  The guys using 2 flies snagged fish almost every time.  So it's not necessarily the fault of the angler foul hooking fish... it's the nature of the beast - fishing the outlet.  So many fish there that you can't help but snag.

Keeping a foul hooked fish... that person lacks a moral conscience.  He's gotta believe it's ok to do it and block out the fact in his own mind that it's illegal plus it doesn't take much skill to run a line of hooks over a back and catch a fin.  

You're right!  There tend to be so many fish schooled up in that area, it can be hard not to snag one sometimes if you fish there.  There's nothing wrong with accidentally foul hooking a fish, as long as you do the right thing and let it go.  Intentionally trying to snag one though is another story.  Laker hit on a good point with the story in his earlier post, unfortunately sometimes people's morals go right out the window when they see a big fish.  Keeping a big fish to begin with kind of rubs me the wrong way anyways, that's another discussion though ;)             

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19 hours ago, JestersHK said:

That one has some shoulders on em T!  What are they biting on?  What time are you leaving today?

Size 14 red zebra midge and brassieworked. Caught one Brown over night on mega worm slow bite at night. Some guys chucking jerk baits did well around koaOrange on the belly of the bait 

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