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Big Bass Bash This Weekend

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3 hours ago, Seth said:

He has it all on film and is making a video to document his Big Bass Bash weekend. We'll be able to see how he caught it. Apparently he had another one hooked that was even bigger than his winning fish, but it got off. I'm curious to see if he was just swimming those swimbaits along docks or fishing open water.

He had a short clip up on Instagram of him losing the other big one and he appeared to be fishing a bluff type bank with wind on it. Almost looked like he was working that big glide bait like a spook. Twitching his rod tip.. I guess to get that thing to glide out further and more erratic than a straight S retrieve.

I believe this is the winning fish and bait...


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3 hours ago, fishinwrench said:

He has tweeked the tail on that bait.

How so? It looks pretty stock to me but you have a keen eye for this stuff ;)

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