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Fall Redear sunfish

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On 10/7/2018 at 1:35 PM, JUNGLE JIM 1 said:

Since last April I've been having a blast fishing for Redear and other sunfish using small jigs and ultra ultralight tackle. My 7 foot Shimano Soare weighs 2.4 oz matched with a Stella C2000S reel and 2lb test. This year I've caught almost 50 master angler Redear from 10-13 inches as well as bass, bluegill, channel cats and several large crappie using this tackle. It slowed down during the summer but starting to catch them again this fall. Picture is of the first Redear of the fall, right at 11 inches. Really looking forward to the cooler weather, weeds are making it harder on me.IMG_1063.JPGIMG_1064.JPG

Are you working these jigs under a float or casting them? What kind of cast distance do you get with that setup? I have trouble casting a 64th oz hair jig unless I tip it with a plastic or add a float.

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I fish the jigs under a small weighted float when I need distance and for shorter casts I take it off. Most important is the small size of the jig, I try to keep them around an inch long or less but vary the jig weight. Usually pour these from 1/24 to 1/80 and use size 8, 10 and 12 hooks with a #10 probably my favorite for Redear and gills but they will catch bigger fish as well. Lot's of little bluegill, crayfish and snails in these lakes for these fish to eat as well as insect nymphs so I try to make baits look like the forage they eat. I like reels with bigger shallow spools and use 2 lb. test which makes a huge difference when the water is clear.

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