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what a Great Fishery

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I hadn't fished lake O in 25 + years  arrived wed afternoon checked into Allhonna got on water about 330  water temp 77 ran about half back in buck caught my first fish on a green pumpkin blue jig with a zoom z craw trailer which was the best for the weekend also fish til about 5 had 4 keepers caught total of 13 no big fish all 12 to 16" Thurs woke up to rain on water at 700 tried whopper and buzz bait no love they wanted the jig also caught some on brush hog end the day around 25  still no big fish all 12 to 16 Sat and Sun fished the Bash caught lots of fish end up cashing on Sun with a 4.91 had a blast and I will be back it


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Good job! I fished the Niangua arm during the bash and couldn't even hardly catch a fish this weekend. Best I caught was a 3.15 kentucky on a 130 plopper just inside a main lake point. I'm more familiar with the Gravois arm, but that area is just way to rough for an aluminum jet rig during the Bash. It liked to of killed me running from the Gravois to Alhonna to weigh a fish last year. That is the only time I've truly been scared to be in a boat.

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