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Perfect fishing ride for sale.

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Had a black one just like it. 240,000 miles when I sold it.  Slept in it dozens of nights. Air bed and a desk heater was the best camp setup ever   Haven’t camped since I sold it   Sad  

Put my 8’ pond prowler in the back and took it everywhere.   

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It's odd that Suburbans have lock actuator failure, because I've had 5 other Chevy trucks with the same exact actuator and have never had one fail. 

I guess it's because Suburban's have 5 of them, and other trucks just have 2 (law of averages).

Love the way it rides, and I always feel like unless I have a fight with a giant Peterbuilt or a freight train....I will win.  And the Delco/Bose sound system, for a stock unit is pretty amazing.

Fuel mileage isn't as bad as you'd think, about 16 city/18 hwy. whether loaded/towing or not. Same as my other 2 Chevy 1/2 tons. 

If I didn't need another open bed pickup I would happily keep it, and I very well may if someone doesn't buy it.  I know darn well that if I was looking for something in the 4k price range I'd never find anything better.  Since I don't pile the miles on like others do my limit on vehicle purchases is always under 10k.

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